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Conscious Apparel are trying to raise awareness about ethical fashion and build a community of like minded women who are fed up with all the exploitation, waste and pollution of the fashion industry – to lobby parliament and create change. We would like women to feel more connected with what they wear in a really positive way. We will spread the word and raise consciousness about ethical fashion. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet and we need to do this. We can’t afford not to! Even if it’s only scarf by scarf!

A shared passion for ethical fashion led to the reconnection of two friends, Sylvia Schroer – who founded the company, and Karin Barter. The friends met many years ago when travelling on a bus to India and enjoyed more travelling adventures together – in the days before this became a popular thing to do in a gap year. We were lucky and travelled through Iran and Pakistan – as well as seeing beautiful Syria. We lost touch over the years as our lives went in different directions but through re-connecting recently we found we shared so many interests and values in common.

We are both totally passionate about environmental issues, and about business practices that are ethical and kind. We decided to work together to develop the company further. We also noticed that there was very little available in terms of ethical fashion for larger ladies. So we launched Curvaceous Apparel. When friends told us ethical clothing seemed too expensive we launched our preloved ethical marketplace – for women to buy and sell ethical clothing, making it more affordable and accessible for all.

We hope you like the clothes we have selected for our first season. We have chosen Nila Rubia because her beautiful artisan made clothes tick all the ethical boxes. The company was incredibly supportive of us when we were starting and were open to manufacturing exclusive products for our Curvacious Apparel collection. We have of course looked at other brands and will add to our collections in future but we really liked Nila Rubia’s styles, textiles and ethos. These clothes are a little bit different and they look and feel gorgeous to wear. They are not available on the high street because hand block printing and other artisan techniques cannot be mass produced. You can buy them through independent boutiques and we greatly encourage you to do this too! Online shopping cannot replace visiting a shop, enjoying trying clothes on, and having great service and advice from a helpful and knowledgable sales assistant. Not everyone lives near to a boutique to enjoy this shopping experience – and that is where we come in. We will try to offer you the same level of personal service – if we get to know what you like and what sort of styles and clothes suit you.

We would love to hear from you about your views on clothing and fashion, and get to know you a bit better – and we have designed a short survey. It just takes a couple of minutes to complete. Click this LINK HERE

We very much hope you will want to be part of our ethical fashion community and can help us raise awareness about ethical fashion.

Conscious Apparel – a company based on Kindness

Conscious Apparel is value driven company (rather than being product driven), based on the principle of kindness. We aim to be as ethical as we can possibly be with the business, right down to our banking. There are many ways to be kind – and kindness in manufacturing clothes is one of them. The benefits are that these are clothes women will love and look forward to wearing for years to come. Clothes that express your own personal style rather than following a trend that will soon date. Clothes that make you feel happy to wear them – because they are made and sourced with kindness and consideration for the people who have made them and for our precious earth.

Ethical fashion – why is it so important?

The ethical fashion trend has grown over the last decade in the UK, as awareness has increased of the devastating environmental impact of manufacturing processes and synthetic microfibres, as well as the appalling exploitation that can go on in the fashion industry.

There is a huge disconnect between the developing world where clothes are often manufactured, and us, the consumers of fashion in Western developed countries.

It is unbelievable that the Aral sea, an inland sea the size of Ireland, has all but vanished due to the cotton industry! To make just one pair of jeans takes up to 11,000 litres of water!! Fashion has become disposable and cheap – but the price we pay for this is costing us the earth – quite literally. You can read about the environmental tragedy of the Aral Sea HERE

So its up to us to make a conscious effort to make ethical fashion choices – when saving money on cheap disposable clothing costs us the earth. Ethical fashion costs more – but you will find yourself wearing it more and for longer – so it is less expensive than disposable fashion.

Being more conscious – and more ethical – about what you wear

In a nutshell here is what you can do to be more ethical in how you dress:

  1. Choose environmentally friendly fibres grown from sustainable crops. Hemp, linen, bamboo and organic cotton are all positive choices. Tencel is also environmentally friendly.
  2. Choose environmentally friendly production processes. Look out for azo-free dyes, which do not contain carcinogenic and toxic compounds, and have a low environmental impact.
  3. Choose fair pay and humane work conditions for those making the clothes.
  4. Choose traditionally made textiles that keep skilled crafts people and the communities they work in alive and thriving.
  5. Choose to re-use and recycle

Join with us! Please spread the word about ethical clothing & be part of the Conscious Apparel community!

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