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My name is Sylvia Schroer, and I am the founder of Conscious Apparel. I am totally passionate about ethical fashion and on business practices that are ethical and kind! I feel so demoralised by consumerism and the wastage of it all, however buying something that isn’t disposable, that makes someone feel a sense of joy and pleasure to wear it, helps keep craftsmanship and traditional skills alive, and provides work for people who are fairly paid –  this is a good thing – importantly, it is fashion that doesn’t harm.

Conscious Apparel – a company based on Kindness

Conscious Apparel is company based on the principle of kindness – we are driven by this ethos. My vision is to create a community of women who are as passionate about ethical fashion as I am. Together, we will spread the word and raise consciousness about ethical fashion. We need to do this. We can’t afford not to!

Ethical fasion – why is it so important?

The ethical fashion trend has grown over the last decade in the UK, as awareness has increased of the devastating environmental impact of manufacturing processes and synthetic microfibres, as well as the appalling exploitation that can go on in the fashion industry. There is a huge disconnect between the developing world where clothes are often manufactured, and us, the consumers of fashion in Western developed countries. It is unbelievable that the  Aral sea, an inland sea the size of Ireland, has all but vanished due to the cotton industry! To make just one pair of jeans takes up to 11,000 litres of water!! Fashion has become disposable and cheap – but the price we pay for this is costing us the earth – quite literally. So its up to us to make a conscious effort to buy and own less, love what we buy, and keep it for longer.

Being more conscious – and more ethical – about what you wear

Its not hard to make ethical clothing choices. In a nutshell here is what you can do to be more ethical in how you dress:

  1. Choose environmentally friendly fibres grown from sustainable crops. Hemp, linen, bamboo and organic cotton are all positive choices. Tencel is also environmentally friendly. Eucalyptus trees are grown in planted forests that are pesticide free. Natural fibres that are breathable, feel fabulous to wear, and are so much kinder to the planet.
  2. Choose environmentally friendly production processes. This means the manufacturers not using dyes and toxic chemicals that harm and pollute. Look out for azo-free dyes, which do not contain carcinogenic and toxic compounds, and have a low environmental impact.
  3. Choose fair pay and humane work conditions for those making the clothes. See what steps the manufacturer is taking to ensure the people who make the clothes are not exploited and do not suffer.
  4. Choose traditionally made textiles that keep skilled crafts people and the communities they work in alive and thriving.
  5. Choose to re-use and recycle  Buying ethical doesn’t mean buying new. The amount of clothes that are being thrown away is vast – apparently, according to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this equates to a truckload wasted every second across the world! Wearing preloved clothes is one of the very best ways to be ethical on a budget.

Ethical fashion is about craftsmanship and quality. Beautiful fabrics and textiles. Thoughtful designs.  Clothes you will love and look forward to wearing for years to come. Clothes that express your own personal style rather than following a trend that will soon date. Clothes that make you feel happy to wear them because they are made and sourced with kindness and consideration for the people who have made them and for our precious earth.

Join us, and please spread the word about ethical clothing & Conscious Apparel

Please do tell your friends and family about us! Enjoy browsing the collection and I hope you find something you like. As we are just starting, the stock is small to avoid wastage, but we can always try and get more from the suppliers – so do get in touch if we don’t have your size. If you are in York and would like to see the collection then please call me for an appointment to view -on 07779799110.

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