Getting to know you…..

A short survey for us to get to know you better

We would like to provide our customers/community with the very best online shopping experience possible. Covid has changed the way we shop and in response to the pandemic we are introducing a personal shopping service where we can find out about more about who you are and the way you dress to identify clothing that might work well for you.  We are also offering a free Zoom consultation as part of the personal shopping service if wished for. After finding out about you we then discuss with you which pieces to send out – for you to try – and you have a wonderful time trying lots of gorgeous clothes on.

We have tried this on our regular customers and they have really enjoyed it. They say its like Christmas getting a parcel full of joyful beautiful clothes to try.

We are also trying to raise awareness about ethical fashion and build a community of like minded women who are fed up with all the exploitation, waste and pollution of the fashion industry. We would like women to feel more connected with what they wear in a really positive way. To feel their clothes are a way to express who they are. We are certainly not about following trends and being dictated to by fashion pundits. We wear clothes because they make us feel great to wear them.  So to help us take the company forwards we would like to find out a little more about you and your lifestyle/style. 

Everything shared with us will remain confidential – its just for us (Karin and Sylvia) to get to know you better.

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