Face Masks/Coverings

Conscious Apparel are commissioning face coverings/masks in a non for profit venture. We will be donating all profits to support the work of ‘Labour Behind the Label’

This charity supports the rights of garment and textile workers in the UK and globally.

The Covid 19 pandemic has made it impossible to ignore the very large split in society around the world, with the better-off still managing whilst the poor and vulnerable suffer more. In the UK, this has been particularly highlighted in the garment industry – with the recent scandal involving the clothing company BooHoo, which Labour Behind the Label helped expose. Whilst mega wealthy owners live in the tax haven of Monaco, the Leicester workers on wages that are well below the minimum wage were told to carry on working if they became sick with Covid or lose their jobs. News reports about Myanmar garment workers turning to prostitution to feed their children have sickened us.

As a company we want to do our bit so we decided we would commission beautiful masks to be made in India by Afterlife and Nila Rubia. We would like to celebrate the skills of their artisan workers and their efforts to use sustainable fabrics such as hemp, linen and bamboo as well as textiles and dyeing processes that are less environmentally harmful.

These face coverings are made of natural breathable sustainable washable fabrics that feel lovely to wear and will help keep you safe – although not falling into the category of PPE.

Spread the love – not the virus Karin and Sylvia x

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