Moth & Magpie Wabi Sabi necklace – purchase by individual commission



This Wabi Sabi necklace is made from a vintage Japanese ceramic bead, Roman glass bead and mudlarked clay pie fragment from the Thames strung on sterling silver knotted chain with gold plated links and rings. This necklace is 14 inches – and made to sit on the collar bone as a choker – however the length is your choice.

Please get in touch with us at to commission/purchase a similar but unique Wabi Sabi necklace. Colour preferences can be considered.

Wabi Sabi is derived from a Buddhist world view centred on acceptance of impermanence, and founded on an appreciation of beauty that is imperfect. It’s characteristics include assymettry, simplicity, modesty, intimacy and the appreciation of both natural objects and the forces of nature.

Moth & Magpie jewellery is handmade by Ruth Claydon. Inspired by nature and made from objects that have been found or given, each pendant or necklace is a unique piece.


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