Petition: Tell our Government to take action NOW to stop the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry!!

The fashion industry causes more environmental and climate damage than the avaiation and shipping industries combined! The damage comes from chemical and microplastic pollution as well as clothing manufacturing consuming vast quantities of fresh water. In the UK alone we create 300k tonnes of clothing to be burned or go into landfill. We buy more new clothes than any other European country and more than twice as many as in Germany and Italy

Proposals were made to government by the cross party Environmental Audit Committee in a ‘Fixing Fashion’ report. Our government rejected a proposal to impose a 1p per garment levy on clothing manufacturers in June 2019. This levy is thought to be URGENTLY REQUIRED and 69% of the fashion industry is behind this levy according to a recent survey.

The government’s response was alarming – lets wait till 2025.

We say no! Lets not wait until 2025 – when fast disposable fashion is costing us the earth.

Lets send this recommendation back to Parliament now – tell our MPs to think again and sign this petition


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Sylvia and Karin are being interviewed at Pure London about ethical fashion by New Talent Fashion Awards – we are on the After-Life project’s stand

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