We source timeless pieces that can be worn for many years. Clothes that you can feel truly positive about wearing - as well as looking totally fabulous in them.

We seek to raise awareness about ethical fashion and build a community of like minded women who are fed up with all the exploitation, waste and pollution of the fashion industry - to lobby parliament and create change. We would like women to feel more connected with what they wear in a really positive way. We are on a mission to save the planet - if only scarf by scarf! For it has never been more important to become more ethical in the way we buy and wear clothes.

Who are Conscious Apparel?

Please click here to read our story. A story of two friends who re-connected after life took them in different directions, sharing a passion for ethical fashion and for kind business practices that do not exploit or harm.

Welcome to our fabulous August sale!!!

All our beautiful summer clothes are now on SALE! This summer we have chosen the flattering Ruby crinkle dress, with a bodice that is cut on the cross, three quarter sleeves and a gorgeous flared, flowing skirt; the elegant Roshan dresses in organic cotton and bamboo linen, and some beautiful skirts and tunics. These gorgeous clothes are so cool and incredibly comfortable to wear - click HERE to view the Nila Rubia collection at Conscious Apparel. As it's towards the end of the season we may have sold out of your size but subject to availability we can easily order more in for you - so please send us an email to and let us know what style, print and size you would like. The Summer 2019 prints can be seen by clicking this link HERE

Ethical fashion for larger ladies

We believe ethical fashion should be for everyone and we noticed that there was much less available for larger ladies. We asked Nila Rubia if we might have some clothes made up in larger sizes - and were particularly keen on the Roshan and Ruby dresses. We worked with the company to extend the range of clothing for gorgeous curvaceous women. Click here to see Curvaceous Apparel - the plus size collection

Making ethical fashion more affordable and accessible - Preloved ethical fashion

Consumers have got used to paying less for clothes and may not appreciate the reasons why the manufacture of ethical clothing is more expensive or understand that the artisan techniques and craftsmanship simply cannot be mass produced. Like organic food or food that isn't wrapped in plastic, ethical clothing costs more. So we thought that preloved ethical fashion would be a great way to buy ethical clothing that is more affordable.  So we have created a NEW PRELOVED ETHICAL FASHION MARKETPLACE. Click this link to see it - and please get in touch if you have ethical clothing you wish to sell.

Artisan made earings from Mexican wire sculptor artist Aldo Varela

Stunning earings can instantly make an outfit look dressed up. We love these Mexican flower earrings created by sculptor artist Aldo Varela. Aldo's designs have a filigree look with delicate spirals that are inspired by the Aztecs who believed time was cyclical. These beautiful earrings, which remind us of the cyclical nature of time and cycles of life, can be seen here.

If you have any queries about our products please send an email to or use the contact form below


Hurrah! We have just had our petition accepted by the Petitions Committee.

Please help us send a powerful message to government that they must act NOW, with a 1p per garment levy-  and not wait until 2025. The 1p charge would help fund better clothing collection and sorting - as we produce 300,000 tonnes of waste clothing per year for landfil or incineration. Please CLICK HERE  to read more about this petition and sign.

Please join with us and help spread the word about ethical fashion and Conscious Apparel 

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