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Conscious Apparel

Gorgeous ethically made clothing to lift your spirit

Who are Conscious Apparel? We are two friends who share a passion for ethical fashion and stylish artisan clothing.  Please click here to read our story.


  • We aim to help women get out of a rut of wearing clothes that make them invisible (which we were both in), and help them find clothes that they look and feel fabulous wearing - clothes that take you anywhere - to a special occasion, a professional meeting. to wear on holiday, or just every day! Clothes that lift your spirits.
  • We aim to be inclusive -we stand against fashion ageism and sizeism
  • Above all we are about having a free spirited approach to life and fashion.

Click here to shop online with Conscious Apparel. All our clothes are artisan made. We carry a small stock to avoid wastage so if we have sold out of something you like, or don't have your size, please get in touch with us by email and we will see if we can get something similar. Our email is shopmorekindness@gmail.com

If you are in North Yorkshire and want to see a selection of our collection in person in York or Malton to try on - do send us an email.

These are not clothes that can be mass produced. For example, it takes seven years to train in hand block printing to become a master fabric printer. They are not available on the high street except in independent boutiques.

Ethically made artisan clothing is a bit more expensive. It has to be if we are going to pay artisans properly -  we are however 100% committed to fair pricing, which reflects the quality and craftsmanship of our merchandise.

We like to use real women rather than models in our photo shoots (photographed by Deborah Stevenson). Our photo shoots have been featured in the Yorkshire Post

Behind the scenes at out latest photo shoot

Transforming old into new

August 2023 sees Conscious Apparel launch our own beautiful new collection of recycled saree dresses, tunics and kimonos named after the states, cities and rivers of India, to honour our sisters, the women of India - who wore these sarees before. All styles will fit up to size 22.


More about our brands and designers......

Nila Rubia are an ethical fashion brand who manufacture in Jaipur. They are well known for their beautiful hand block prints and jacquard woven jackets and coats. Nila herself is an incredibly talented designer who is based in Brighton - and we are huge huge fans.  Click here for our Nila Rubia collection

As well as the gorgeous Ruby Dress and cool Sahara Pants we have chosen two new styles - the stunning Tama dress and the elegant and cool Nalada dress.

Cofur are a Danish company who design beautiful clothing made from recycled sarees. Click here to see the Cofur collection 

The clothes designed by Cofur will literally take you anywhere - they are beautiful but also not overly dressy - so you feel really comfortable wearing them. We particularly like the tie dye collections from Cofur and also some of the gorgeous vintage prints.


Yavi has a great following and the clothes are wonderful. If you want to splash out on something truly stunning for a special occasion then Yavi is amazing. Like Cofur the clothes are arty looking and the textiles are wonderful. Click this link for Yavi


Afterlife are an ethical brand based in Calcutta who are totally against the exploitation that goes on in the fashion world. We met them at Pure, before the pandemic, and they have been making wonderful coats and jackets for us since then in hemp, linen and velvet - all lined in organic cotton. Check out our coat and jacket collection

Clearance/Sale items

For those on a budget we do offer some of our beautiful timeless clothes on sale/clearance.

Upcycled Jewellery by artist maker Ruth Claydon (Moth & Magpie)

Fine art trained Ruth Claydon creates truly beautiful unique pieces from her mud larking finds, archeological artefacts and vintage jewellery under the name Moth & Magpie. Ruth’s passion is mud larking and what might look like something rusty, old or broken will be transformed and incorporated into jewellery that is most definitely of its time now and will be treasured for years to come. View the Free Spirit collection online here


We have created what we hope is the perfect dressing gown with Nila Rubia. Generous, flowing and practical. Saving fashion wastage - made from left over fabric rolls from previous collections.  We have had some heavier dressing gowns made up for winter in moss crepe.

Please click here to see our dressing gown collection 

Curvaceous Apparel and Conscious Petite Apparel

We aim for inclusivity for beautiful curvaceous and petite women (like us!). Please click here to see our clothes for a petite woman of 5ft 2 or under


Please click here to see Curvaceous Apparel collection

Keeping connected - join with us please and help spread the word!

Our email is: shopmorekindness@gmail.com

Please let us know what you think of our collections, ethos and brand and contact us by email to stay connected. We would love to hear from you!

Karin and Sylvia



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