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Since joining forces in the summer of 2018, we have perhaps most enjoyed the creative collaborations that we have had with the makers and designers of artisan clothing, with jewellery maker and artist Ruth Claydon, with photographer Deborah Stevenson and with the gorgeous women who model for us. The recent feature in the Yorkshire Post summed the style and look we are trying to create perfectly: “Elegance, luxury, not trying too hard and most of all, a free-spirited approach to life and style.”

When the Yorkshire Post article came out (Visibly Timeless: 9.6.23), we had just started production on a fabulous new collection of silk dresses, tunics and kimonos, working with Vintage Crafts, who are based in Naida, India. Vintage Crafts specialise in garments made from recycled silk sarees. The company is committed to environmental sustainability with a zero wastage policy that ensures every inch of a saree can be re-used. Production begins with the selection of sarees from various suppliers across India, which are then meticulously sorted and cleaned and made into high quality new garments using ethical production and manufacturing. We have called our designs after the states, cities and rivers of India – to honour where they have come from and the sisters who wore them first. Since these beautiful clothes are about transformation, what better symbol than the butterfly.

We asked Vintage Crafts to send some photos of their workers. We are so grateful for the help of Pranay and the team at Vintage Crafts – for their expertise, sewing mastery, skill and artistry. We will launch the collection in August 2023.

Sita Ram
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