Pre-Loved Conscious Apparel

Welcome to our preloved sustainable fashion marketplace where you can buy and sell gorgeous good-quality well-made clothing – and give something back too.

  • Buying pre-loved saves your wallet and saves the planet!
  • Selling your pre-loved clothes with us means you can get ££ or discount vouchers -to update your wardrobe with our lovely ethical clothing!
  • 10% of the sale price goes to Labour Behind the Label – a charity that supports garment workers’ rights internationally

Here is how it works to sell?

  1. You send us smartphone photos of the  items you wish to sell to describing the brand, size, fabric, when bought (if you remember) and condition. We are looking for high quality fashion, designer brands and ethical labels.
  2. We do market research to look at what sort of price the items might achieve. If you decide to proceed you send us the items, paying the postage. We will give you a £5 credit voucher to say thank you and to re-compense you for the postage.
  3. We take photos of the items on a tailors dummy and put them on our website for 8 weeks. If you wish, we will also market the items in our eBay shop.
  4. When the item sells 10% is deducted to give to charity Labour Behind the Label. You will receive 50% of the remainder (i.e. after the 10% charity reduction), plus a £10 gift voucher to spend with Conscious Apparel.
  5. If the item does not sell we will donate to charity or return to you, if you pay the postage -whichever you prefer.

“If everyone bought one used item instead of a new article of clothing each year, we would minimise carbon emissions to the tune of half a billion cars being taken off the roads for a year” from Forbes Aug 27, 2019.

Do feel free to make us offers on any pre-loved item. Send an email to

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