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Welcome to Conscious Apparel preloved ethical fashion!

Our market research has suggested a potential barrier to purchasing ethical clothing is that it is more expensive than consumers are willing to pay or used to spending on clothes. We need to wear clothes, just as we need food, and if clothing can be cheaply bought, it can feel too much of a luxury to spend more than necessary – especially when money is tight. Unfortunately, this means the exploitation and environmental damage of cheap disposable fashion continues. Here is our solution: a new preloved ethical fashion marketplace!

In our marketplace we are offering you the opportunity to buy and sell ethical clothing. Buying preloved clothes makes them more affordable and if you are selling, you can get money back to buy new – if you would like to update your wardrobe!

How does it work to sell?

  1. You send us smartphone photos of the ethically produced items to describing the brand, size, fabric, when bought (if you remember) and condition.
  2. We do market research to look at what sort of price the items might achieve. If you decide to proceed you send us the items, paying the postage. We will give you a £5 credit voucher to say thank you and to re-compense you for the postage.
  3. We take photos of the items on a tailors dummy and put them on our website for 8 weeks. If you wish, we will also market the items in our eBay shop.
  4. If the item sells we give you 40% of the sale price after any commissions (this is standard for designer second hand clothing shops), or a voucher for 50% to spend with Conscious Apparel.
  5. If the item does not sell we will donate to charity or return to you, if you pay the postage -whichever you prefer.

So lets get started and make this exciting project work – creating a new online marketplace for preloved ethical fashion! Work with us to help people appreciate that ethical fashion is the way to go. Recycle your ethical clothing to benefit others who can’t afford new.

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