That dress looks great on the model – but will it work for me?

We decided at the outset that Conscious Apparel would be all about real women wearing beautiful clothes that express who they are. Seeing clothing on women our customers can identify with helps them choose outfits and pieces that will work for them, especially when trying on clothes is hard in the pandemic.

Our lovely models for our Spring photoshoot were:

Pauline Rourke – costume hire supervisor for York Theatre

Kate Morgan – administrator for Bar Convent

Renee Osbourne – missionary, who works in dance

Ruth Claydon – jewellery maker and artist (Moth & Magpie)

Katie Hill (artist and community organiser at Southbank Studios, fashion sustainability researcher/lecturer)

Our wonderful photographer was Deborah Stevenson (

Photographs were taken outside in two York gardens in Southbank – in the spring sunshine. Deborah put us all at our ease and gave great direction for us all, as novice models. Sylvia chose the outfits together with models themselves selecting what they felt drawn to wearing – and modelled a few frocks herself too.

Pauline, who had come to the shoot to help dress and style the models, was reluctant to model initially. She did not believe we would have clothes that worked for her. Fortunately, Deborah convinced her to give modelling a go and observed that Pauline had a touch of the famous actress Helen Mirren about her, when we put her in a bright yellow scarf turban.

Katie said: “I feel like people have only seen my face for a year in lockdowns – so modelling these beautiful clothes was such a pleasure and it made me look forward to the months ahead and re-connecting with people”.

We were absolutely thrilled with the photos – which you can see more of on our website!

Just letting you know that we are also offering free zoom personal shopping consultations – where we meet you online and get to know more about you. Then we can suggest clothes that might work for you – and buy collections with your needs in mind. Please get in touch to book a personal shopping session – and always, please feel free to tell us what you think about our company and the clothes we bring you. We love hearing from you!

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