The ‘Sack’ – my favourite dress

Styles and fashions change but my favorite dress at the moment is the Roshan dress by Nila Rubia. I have three – and I wake up in the morning and wonder which one I should wear. I remember these dresses first coming in when I used to work in Maude and Tommy, a fantastic ethical fashion boutique in York where I learned so much about ethical fashion. I remember thinking they looked a bit shapeless at first. But when I tried one on I realised how clever Nila had been with the design. They don’t look great on the hanger – but they do look great on. And they have pockets!! Fabulous big pockets. I love a dress with pockets.

The first one I bought was made of bamboo linen – it has a lovely silky sheen and is quite heavy so it drapes really well. It looks special and sophisticated, without being over the top dressy. It is an unusual colour and dip dyed so it’s quite striking – especially with a scarf that tones in with the colours – I am afraid I have a bit of a scarf addiction – and this dress looks great with a scarf! I wore this dress to present at a conference last year and it was perfect. I felt confident and relaxed.

I bought an indigo dyed organic cotton Roshan dress last summer – I literally wore it every day.

This year, when I tried on the yellow rose print, it had to be mine. It’s so summery – and even though we haven’t had much of a summer I feel summery in this dress – wearing it with leggings and a cami or Tee underneath to brave the British summer. On the beach this dress came into its own – it was a perfect throwover come changing tent!

When Karin came to see me in York to talk about working with me I showed her the dress and she called it the sack – but when I managed to get her to try it on, she bought two! It looks lovely on her too – its so easy to wear, and looks great on so many different women. So if you want a dress that is incredibly comfortable and stylish in an understated way – I really recommend the Roshan dress.

They feel so generous and easy to wear. Here is Karin in the lilac bouquet – looking pretty fabulous wafting around the garden!

We have had these dresses made up exclusively for our Curvacious Apparel collection to fit up to size 24 – so do have a look. The ‘Sack’ is a great style whatever your size or shape.

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