Timeless clothes at great prices

Ethical fashion means paying skilled workers and artisans properly and it can mean using more expensive fabrics and production processes that are less harmful to the environment. So our clothing is a bit more expensive than the high street. It can be frustrating when we put up a post on social media and the only comments made are about the price being high. We know our prices are fair. Moreover, in deciding on pricing, as an online company, we really don’t want to under cut the sort of lovely independent boutiques that sell the clothing we sell – when our overheads are less. However, not everyone can reach these shops. We also love helping you find clothes you love – which means buying in new stock – when not everything has sold. So we strive to have a fair pricing policy – and we have introduced a clearance sale for our older stock. We hope you find something you like – the clothes we sell are timeless and beautiful – even if they are not the latest prints and colours.

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