These clothes make me feel confident!

Its lovely when we hear back from customers who love our clothes and even better when they tell us that our clothes have given them more confidence. One customer recently told us of wearing an outfit to a work do – and everyone commenting on how fantastic she looked. She told us that after the menopause her confidence had lessened, but wearing our colourful clothes had brought it back – “no more black tents for me!” she wrote to us. We couldn’t agree more. That is exactly what Karin and I hoped to achieve. A collection that you can wear to work if you want to – but dress up in too – clothing that will take you anywhere and reflect your personal style – a style you want to project rather than clothes that reflect your mood, which might be affected by difficult circumstances or life transitions. Clothing that shows your true indomitable joyful carefree spirit!

When a customer came to my house to look at the summer collection recently, she tried the clothes on and said “I feel confident in this dress”. It was a Cashual dress in size XL, but she was a slim lady of size 12. The dress looked absolutely marvellous on her, silk flowing softly but nowhere was the dress fitted or tight – and I realised that she knew exactly the look she wanted to achieve. It was about a relaxed stylishness. She was a beautiful woman and she did not need to show her body and flesh to look absolutely gorgeous. She chose the dress and also a long kimono in a colour that she would not normally wear – why? Because both made her feel confident wearing them.

So when you look at our collections picture yourself in the clothes and ask yourself – does that look like it would give me confidence to wear it? If the answer is yes, you might be onto a winner, and Karin and I, and Jacqui, Karin’s daughter in law, will have done our job.

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