Beware of the Bank Transfer Scammers

Radio 4’s Money Box Programme (13.3.21) has revealed the scandal of the ‘Bank Transfer Scammers’ that are operating on social media platforms such as Instagram. Credibility is conferred on the business by having thousands of followers some of whom are celebrities and ‘influencers’. The goods/services are ordered and paid for by bank transfer, but they never arrive. The customer is then blocked by the fraudulent business on social media. The customer has been completely had – because the bank will do nothing about this fraud. Its just like handing over cash. There are no warnings about this scam on Instagram or social media platforms – although it is well known. PayPal and credit cards are fine and protect customers. The scale of this bank transfer fraud is very significant and banks do need to take action.

Conscious Apparel/Shop More Kindness started to offer bank transfer alongside PayPal in 2020 because not all customers use PayPal – and some customers have opted for this payment method. We would like to reassure all our customers that as a business we are 100% committed to ethical business practices – even our banking is with an ethical bank – Triodos. If the goods do not arrive its because the post office has let us down. This is very rare fortunately although we had one customer’s dress, which was sent to Italy mysteriously end up in Chicago in 2019 (it arrived in Italy soon after) – so please do let us know asap if you are worried that your goods haven’t arrived. We usually send an email out to let you know exactly they have been posted.

Please rest assured, you can shop with confidence in our online shop however you prefer to pay.

We hope you enjoy browsing and find something you love

Sylvia and Karin

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