Cherish yourself with beautiful slow ethical fashion & upcycled jewellery

What does self care and looking after yourself really mean?

It certainly doesn’t mean empty consumerism and buying things you don’t need – but it can mean buying clothing and jewellery that makes you feel really special whenever it is worn. In a nutshell this is what we are trying to achieve as a company. Our clothing makes you feel special because you look gorgeous in it and it also helps traditional artisanal skills to thrive, which in turn helps communities and families in India – where it is made.

Our jewellery, by Moth & Magpie, is upcycled and beautifully made.

upcycled micromosaic heart necklace by Moth & Magpie
upcycled micromosaic heart necklace by Moth & Magpie

Fabrics are natural and sustainable if possible – sustainable moss crepe, hemp, bamboo, linen and recycled silks. Cotton is organically grown and pesticide free.

Moss crepe dress – moss crepe is a wonderful fabric to wear!

Whether its a beautiful coloured scarf or jacket to brighten a grey cold day, or a tunic or dress that flows and flatters, or a waistcoat that turns ordinary into a stunning outfit – we have plenty to choose from. Dressing gowns in gorgeous bamboo or fabulous silk kimonos – we have some fantastic ones on their way for Spring.

Tie dye upcycled saree gilet by Cofur

So who needs Valentines Day, Christmas or birthdays – cherish yourself and feel special every day.

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