Just Wear It!

Working in wonderful an ethical fashion boutique in York I became more adventurous in my style. I began to see the advantages of wearing clothes I loved every single day. I was always telling customers in the shop just to wear the dresses they bought for special occasions every day – wearing velvet for example – it just makes the day seem special and more luxurious.

My dear friend Rosie Dean, who is an incredible artist, came for supper last week and I showed her a lovely preloved Whistles coat we had to sell. She absolutely loved it and commented that it would have to be for best. Just wear it! I said – it looked fabulous on her – the dark forest green was such an unusual colour and suited her perfectly. The style and fit were gorgeous. Why would anyone not want to wear such a great looking coat and keep it hanging in a wardrobe?

One of Rosie Dean’s wonderful seascape paintings

As I reflected on wearing clothes that were for best everyday I remembered a lady who I used to treat when I worked at the Hoxton Health Group. – a complementary health project for the over 60s. This lovely lady was 97. She would appear in a leopardskin print coat, underneath it she would be wearing cut off evening dresses. She looked amazing!

If we are going to get up to 30 wears per item, which is what we are told we should be doing to make an item of clothing worth purchasing – we better be more like my Hoxton lady and Just Wear It! I don’t have a problem with this at all. I am pleased to report that Rosie is wearing the coat!

Rosie wearing the coat!



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