Striking out of your fashion comfort zone

One of the nicest thing about having an online shop is being able to share our collection with my family, who live in Berlin. My sister Sandra absolutely loves the ethos of ethical fashion as she has been working to save the planet for 25 years as an environmental engineer – mostly working with solar energy. Nearly everything in Sandra’s wardrobe is blue or muted colours so I was really surprised when she told me she had spotted a red tunic she liked the look of. It will be perfect for work she said – smart enough to look professional but something a bit special – that she could wear casually also.

I have never seen my sister wear red and she has never bought anything red – but she said she just felt so drawn to the colour. When it arrived she was totally thrilled. “I feel its a brand new me!! – and she also raved about the feel of the moss crepe and unusual shibori print.

We think she looks fantastic and that’s exactly why we started Conscious Apparel – to get women out of their comfort zone into clothes they feel drawn to wearing because they are beautiful, and wearing them makes them feel great.

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