Velvet – why it’s so special

Today was a dreary day. A cold December Sunday before the first Covid Xmas. For me, like many others who have lost loved ones this year, Xmas will not be the same and our losses will be keenly felt. So today I looked at my wardrobe feeling a little sad. I reached for the velvet. Why wait till Xmas, which was when I planned to wear my velvet dress. What about making today a bit more special.

There is nothing quite like sumptuous soft velvet to make you feel special. Whether its a dress, top, skirt, a pair of trousers, or a lovely coat – velvet always does the job.

I started to wonder why this was…..

I found that velvet has long been associated with nobility; with ecclesiastical garments and textiles, and with utmost luxury. King Richard II directed in his will that his body should be clothed in velveto in 1399. Velvet originated in the Far East and at one time Cairo was the world’s largest centre for velvet production. From Cairo it went to Venice and from there to the rest of Europe in the 14th Century. Velvet is an expensive fabric to produce as it is made by cutting through two layers of fabric – so the pile between the layers remains. This pile is what gives velvet its softness and makes it irresistible to touch. The most expensive velvet is silk velvet, which is what the early velvets would have been. Viscose velvet has a similar look to silk velvet but is a fraction of the price. Rayon, polyester and synthetic fibres also have the benefit of luxury – but at an affordable cost. Cotton velvet has less of a sheen than these fabrics. Whatever the velvet – it speaks of luxury, and nothing has the softness of velvet.

So if its a gift for someone special in your life or something for yourself – velvet is a perfect choice.

Made to order velvet coats – a really special gift!

Working with Afterlife we are able to offer you sumptuous velvet coats in two styles – the Julieta coat has a graduated hem – the Clementina a straight hem. You choose the style and colour (blue, dark green, burgundy)- and provide us with your bust measurement and normal dress size – and we do the rest. The cost is £180 and delivery will be approximately 30 days.

Please get in touch by email if this is of interest

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