Spring sunshine and pretty dresses to lift our spirits

These are such strange times – especially for me, as I lost my darling brother on March 20th. He died of a heart attack it transpired – and his heart illness was not picked up on in the pandemic. I feel he is with me still somehow – his presence seems almost tangible sometimes – I don’t know if others have experienced similar after the death of a loved one. But it brings me comfort – and yesterday I enjoyed a serene walk in the spring sunshine to get the wee dog out.

As we came home through the park I spotted a woman wearing a beautiful floral dress chatting with a friend – it looked exactly like a Nila Rubia Ruby dress. I asked her if it was – shouting from a safe distance.

Nila Rubia Ruby dress in shibori print

The friend looked at the label – it was another brand – but looked so similar. Another woman nearby, who had overheard the conversation and also noticed the dress, agreed it was indeed  a lovely dress – and I explained that I had a company that sold these dresses on line. Its not the time for buying clothes I observed – when so many are wondering how they will survive financially. “But we need these lovely clothes to lift our spirits!” exclaimed the woman. This is in fact our company’s motto I pointed out – Gorgeous clothes to lift your spirit.

So do have a look at our collection for this Spring/Summer. Karin and I have worked hard to source and photograph the clothing – together with the fabulously talented Ruth Claydon (Moth & Magpie), who has designed some wonderful jewellery to go with our collection and done a bit of modelling for us! Ruth is wearing a Cofur City dress above and a Jaipur dress and scarf in the picture below.

We hope you enjoy it. If money is tight don’t forget about our preloved marketplace – where you can buy and sell clothes and receive discount vouchers to use against new clothing.

Better to have a wardrobe with a few things you absolutely love and that lift your spirit each time you wear them.

Hope you keep safe and well

Sylvia x


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